Donoghue Student Resources

Donoghue subscribes to the following websites designed to help students acquire critical literacy, math, science and technology skills. Students can use these websites in school or at home. You must have a username and password to access these sites. Ask your teacher if you need help.

SeeSaw Logo

SeeSaw Student Login

SeeSaw provides a simple work-flow for teacher assignments and enables students to complete many assignments electronically. You will need a code from your teacher to join your classes.

Class Dojo Logo

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is the main way teachers communicate with parents. We also use ClassDojo for our positive behavior incentive system for students. Parents and students can log into ClassDojo using a code provided by teachers.
Reading Eggs Logo

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs helps primary students learn to read with online games and activities.

iRead logo


iRead helps students become strong readers by learning all of the sounds and the most important spelling patterns in English. NOTE: It is recommended to use the Chrome web browser when accessing iRead through the web instead of the app.

Achieve 3000 Logo

Achieve3000 Literacy

Achieve3000 literacy provides authentic and culturally responsive texts in many subject areas that are differentiated based on each student’s reading level, and periodically assesses each student’s growth in their ability to read more complex texts.

Ready Gen Logo

Words Their Way and ReadyGen on Savvas Realize

Words Their Way provides phonics, spelling, and vocabulary activities to help third, fourth, and fifth graders improve their word knowledge. ReadyGen provides fourth and fifth graders with authentic literary and informational texts and provides instruction on reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Zearn logo


Zearn is an innovative math curriculum that supplements teacher instruction with online guided instruction and independent digital lessons. You will need a code from your teacher to join your class.

DreamBox Logo

Dreambox Learning

DreamBox Learning provides richly interactive games, simulations, and activities for grades K-5. DreamBox lessons are personalized and scaffolded to meet each student’s math learning needs.

Teachley Logo

Teachley Math Apps

Teachley Math Apps help students build intuition and understanding about place value, multiplication, fractions, and decimals.

Teachley Logo

BlueStreak Math

BlueStreak Math engages and motivates students in grades 2-5 to become fast and fluent with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers and fractions.

Braincamp Logo

Braining Camp

Brainingcamp provides virtual, online versions of the same manipulatives (learning tools) used in the classroom.

AmplifyScience Logo

Amplify Science

Amplify Science provides students in grades K-5 with informational text and interactive digital tools that help them learn to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers.

Brainpop Jr Logo

BrainPop Jr.

BrainPop Jr. provides educational animations across the curriculum for Grades K-3.

Brainpop Logo


BrainPop provides educational animations across the curriculum for Grades 3+.

Typing Pal Logo

Typing Pal

Typing Pal allows students to develop good keyboarding habits and improve their typing speed and accuracy.