A 7-member corporate Board of Directors and a 13-member Advisory Council oversee the University of Chicago Charter School alongside Charter and Campus directors. University of Chicago leaders sit on the Board of Directors. Parent leaders, community leaders and University leaders are members of the Advisory Council.

Board of Directors

The UChicago Charter School’s Board of Directors is responsible for the fiduciary and legal obligations of the UChicago Charter.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council includes parent, community, and University of Chicago leaders who provide guidance and direction on major policy and program initiatives at the UChicago Charter School.


The UChicago Charter School’s Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee (P-TAC) supports the development and implementation of student discipline policies.

Board of Directors

  • Daniel Abebe, Chair Board of Directors
    Vice Provost, the Harold J. and Marion F. Green Professor of Law and Walter Mander Teaching Scholar, University of Chicago
  • Tanika Island Childress
    CEO, the University of Chicago Charter School
    The University of Chicago
  • Derek R. B. Douglas
    Vice President for Civic Engagement and External Affairs
    The University of Chicago
  • Deborah Gorman-Smith
    Emily Klein Gidwitz Professor and Dean of the School of Social Service Administration
    The University of Chicago
  • Ivan Samstein
    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Susana L. Vasquez
    Associate Vice President for Office of Civic Engagement
  • Katie Callow Wright
    Executive Vice President of the University and Chief of Staff in the Office of the President

Advisory Council

  • Danielle Brown (Woodlawn)
  • Donna Dortzbach (NKO)
  • Julie Getzels
    Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
    Art Institute of Chicago
  • Harold (Hank) Handelsman
    Executive Vice President and General Counsel
    The Pritzker Organization, LLC
  • John Mark Hansen (Mark)
    Charles L. Hutchinson Distinguished Service Professor and Senior Advisor to the President University of Chicago
  • Chris Harris Sr.
    Senior Pastor – Bright Star Church of God in Christ
    CEO – Bright Star Community Outreach, Inc. (BSCO)
  • Priscilla Kersten
    Square One Foundation
  • Patricia C. Lane (Patty)
    Community Leader and Volunteer
  • Charles A. Lewis (Chuck)
    Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation
  • Laura Van Peenan
    Managing Director, Investment Banking
    William Blair & Company
  • Lee Pratter
    Senior Director of Development
    Chicago Housing Authority
  • Patrice Ziegler (Donoghue)

Parent-Teacher Advisory Council

  • Derrick Asante
    Teacher, North Kenwood/Oakland Campus
  • Josh and Donna Dortzbach
    Parents, North Kenwood/Oakland Campus
  • Patrice Bledsoe
    Parent, Donoghue Campus
  • Jerome Anderson
    Parent, Donoghue Campus
  • Danielle Brown
    Parent, Woodlawn Middle School Campus
  • Angel Burgess
    Parent, Woodlawn High School Campus

UChicago Charter School

A Division of the Urban Education Institute
at the University of Chicago


1313 E 60th Street, Chicago IL 60637