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100% of our Woodlawn graduating classes have been accepted to college, every year since 2012.

Contact Info

6300 S. University Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773.752.8101
Fax: 773.324.0653

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UChicago Charter Woodlawn Campus ( Grades 6 - 12 )

Woodlawn (UCW) serves grades 6 through 12 and is one of the four campuses of the UChicago Charter School. With an increasingly strong college acceptance record, Woodlawn cultivates students’ innate ability to imagine, analyze, and create so that they become innovative agents of positive change in a technological and global community.

Approach and Curriculum

Woodlawn's academic approach is distinguished by:

  • A school culture of high academic achievement that focuses on research and design.
  • Committed, knowledgeable and skillful educators who teach, guide, and inspire students.
  • Integration of technology through an expanding program to equip students with laptops, iMac labs, and a partnership with the Digital Youth Network.
  • Performing arts instruction led by instructors with professional theatre and dance experience.
  • A senior thesis program where students conduct their own research projects in the areas of urban development, media, renewable energy, education, and economics.
  • Expert use of interim assessments to measure students’ progress and tailor instruction and supports to enable all children to reach higher levels of achievement.
  • Competitive athletic programs including, but not limited to, football, basketball, baseball, and cross country running.
  • Rigorous and engaging instruction that draws upon students’ cultural backgrounds and lived experiences and develops knowledge and skills of value outside the classroom.
  • Advanced Placement courses in calculus, language arts, and literature.


Woodlawn is committed to accelerating student learning to prepare every student for success in college and beyond. Multiple indicators show progress towards this goal.

  • Since 2012, 100% of our graduating classes have accepted to college.
  • 70-78 percent of UCW graduates enroll in college compared to 60 percent of Chicago Public Schools students writ large.
  • Three students have been awarded full Posse Foundation Scholarships reserved for students who possess extraordinary academic and leadership potential. Read more about the 2012 and 2010 recipients.
  • A 2011 graduate was awarded a Gates Millennium Scholarship that provides full financial support for post-secondary education.
  • Our students are attending colleges and universities across the country including, Georgetown University, Oberlin College, Carleton College, Penn State, University of Chicago, University of Illinois-Urbana, Morehouse College, DePaul University and many more.

About the Woodlawn community name

Woodlawn offers priority admissions to students who live in the surrounding community for which it was named. A strong school-community relationship is essential to making the Woodlawn campus a great school for youth and their families. Woodlawn provides a variety of opportunities for students to contribute to the surrounding community through research, service, and leadership.

Campus Leadership

Kieran Palmer-Klein, High School Director

Bosede Bada, Assistant High School Director

Sonia Wang, Middle School Director

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