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X-Block offers students a unique opportunity for self-development as intelligent and capable individuals. Students choose weekly X-Block classes that allow them to explore areas such as the arts, team building, rites of passage, sports, fashion design, real estate, biking, cooking and entrepreneurship. X-block fosters self-directed student learning and student interactions across grade levels. The small, multi-age classes are safe places to take risks by exploring budding interests in areas outside of the core academic classes and learn in nontraditional ways.

X-Block lets students choose weekly non-traditional classes that allow them to explore their personal interests and utilize their talents.

X-Block classes focus on eight intelligence areas: logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, naturalist, intrapersonal and interpersonal, based on Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Classes are multi-age, and students have the opportunity to educate themselves and others. For example, students who want to learn more about journalism can take an X-Block class that focuses on learning journalistic writing style and what it consists of. Students also have the opportunity to research topics relating to their X-Block class and teach them to their peers. Not only do students get the chance to learn from each other, but they can experience what it’s like to be in the teacher’s shoes.

X-Block’s non-traditional class offerings provide students with a breath of fresh air while simultaneously providing them with a valuable and enriching educational experience. Students are encouraged to take risks by taking courses that are outside of their comfort zone. Who knows what hidden talents and passions they might unearth?

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