We are thrilled to announce that UCW High School junior Tumininu Onabanjo was admitted to the QuestBridge College Prep Scholars program! The program equips high-achieving high school juniors with the knowledge, confidence, and resources to apply to top colleges. 15,000 students across America applied to the program this year, and only about one in four students were accepted.

Headshot of Tumininu Onabanjo, a young Black woman with shoulder length hair and wearing a UCW polo and hoodie.

Awards for QuestBridge College Prep Scholars may include a range of benefits, such as a full scholarship to a summer program hosted by Yale, Emory, UChicago, and more. QuestBridge College Prep Scholars may also receive a Quest for Excellence Award, such as a $1,000 for a new laptop or other resources to help students in their college application process. In addition to financial awards, QuestBridge College Prep Scholars have exclusive access to a QuestBridge National College Admissions Conference, an invite-only, online event featuring workshops and a college fair with the organization’s college partners.

The last UChicago Charter student to be admitted to this highly competitive program was in 2020. Mia Rodgers, our 2020 QuestBridge College Prep Scholar, was admitted to the University of Chicago’s Class of 2025 with a full-tuition scholarship this past fall.

Tumininu has been at the top of her class since her freshman year and has challenged herself by taking UCW’s most rigorous AP courses. “She holds herself to a high standard, always wants to improve, and has been unrelenting in her pursuit of academic excellence. That growth mindset is contagious, and my other students have been inspired by her determination,” said Ms. Benloucif, our eleventh-grade history teacher and OneGoal program director at UCW.

Tumininu is committed to leveraging her interests, passion, and skills to help others. Her interest in science and medicine has led her to become involved with volunteer programs and internships in the field. We cannot wait to see what Tumininu achieves in the program, her college application process, and beyond!

Congratulations, Tumininu. The UChicago Charter community is so proud of you.