We are thrilled to announce that UCW Senior Bryan Burns has accepted his admissions offer to Denison University! This fall, Bryan will set off to Granville, Ohio, where Denison University is located, to begin his undergraduate career at one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. Bryan selected Denison from a range of colleges to which he was accepted, including Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, after careful consideration with his family and the support of UChicago Charter’s College Graduation Office.

Bryan lent distinct dynamism to his classes at UCW and challenged himself with rigorous college-level coursework and discussions. He took the seminar “Cultural Studies in Education” at the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice in addition to attending the Wrongful Conviction Symposium at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. Outside of his academic endeavors, Bryan has been a leader in UCW’s model United Nations Club and has been working on the UChicago Consortium on School Research‘s Equitable Learning and Development team since the summer of 2020. Bryan has also served as a Youth Advisor on the project since the fall of 2019.

Bryan’s willingness to stand out in class debate is invigorating.  He is comfortable with being the lone voice or opinion on a topic and is willing to concede a point, in the rare event that he cannot sway his co-discussants with his clever perspective on the text or problem at hand.  I find this sort of intellectual edge thrilling and it gives me greater appreciation for the person that Bryan is,” said UChicago Charter Chief College Officer Will Torres.

We are thrilled that Bryan’s hard work and academic achievement has given him the opportunity for him to attend Denison University and secured him the financial aid he needed to pay almost no money out of pocket for his undergraduate education. He will be dearly missed in the UChicago Charter community, and we cannot wait to see what he achieves!