We are thrilled to announce that UCW rising junior Tyrah Moncada and UCW rising sophomore Langston Foster have been selected for the Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools. The Northwestern Academy’s admissions team noted that among this year’s applications from more than 30 high schools in Chicago, Tyrah and Langston stood out in their commitment to academic excellence, scholarship, and perseverance, as well as their recommendation letters and interviews. We are so proud of Tyrah and Langston and their embodiment of UChicago Charter’s core values. 

Tyrah and Langston are two of eighty admitted students to Northwestern’s 2020 Academy for Chicago Public Schools. Through the program, they will collaborate with their peers in their cohort to refine the critical reasoning and stress management skills they need to gain admission into top-tier colleges and universities throughout the country. Tyrah cited such benefits when asked why she applied to the program, saying, “I hope to get to know myself better as a person, and to better myself as a student.” 

When asked about what advice she would give to other UChicago Charter students who may want to pursue such academic opportunities, Tyrah emphasized that demonstrating passion felt important to her application process. “When a program notices the passion you have, it catches their eye,” she said. “At this moment I am passionate about many things, but the one I am extremely passionate about is activism.” Tyrah also balances her passion for activism with her desire to become a neurosurgeon.

Ultimately, she stressed that academic excellence and perseverance are core components of her recipe for success: “I try to achieve academic excellence by pushing myself to work at a college level. An example was when I took two college-level courses at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration and at their Law School. I persevere everyday by excelling even when my gender and race can be a barrier for me. You’re always going to be hit with challenges, whether it be in the real world or in the school setting, and persevering through those challenges is extremely important to succeed.” Congratulations Tyrah and Langston, the UChicago Charter family is so proud!